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Posted Jul 27th, 2015

Securis Franchise Owners Work Together to Serve Huge Customers

Large clients have high-volume needs and tight timelines, and they value a partner who can ramp up quickly to meet those demands

Securis data destruction

More often than not, a Securis franchise owner has more than enough manpower and other resources on hand to tackle a major IT data destruction project. But if something truly massive, such as the removal and recycling of hundreds of desktop computers, comes along, he or she has backup that’s only a phone call away.

“A lot of people go into this business thinking that if they buy or lease a warehouse, get a truck and hire a couple of guys, they’re good for anything,” says Dan Mattock, Director of Franchise Sales and Marketing. “Then they get a huge job. A local community college calls and says they have 3,000 computers they want recycled, and they need it all done in two days.”

Securis network provides flexibility

That vendor is nowhere near capable of such a job, but a Securis franchise owner is. When it comes to IT data destruction and recycling, it’s not just the equipment but also the flexibility that matters, Dan says.

“Our franchise owners know they are part of a network that they can leverage at a moment’s notice,” he explains. “They can call another franchise, or even two, and tap into those resources. And when we show up for a job, it won’t be in an unmarked truck full of temp workers, but in clearly marked trucks with our uniformed personnel.”

Independence and collaboration

What this means for a Securis franchise owner is that, when it comes to IT data destruction, there’s no saying “no” to business. The small contract that just needs a local team or the large-scale project that means all hands on deck — all jobs are possible.


“Two of our owners in Delaware and New Jersey recently got together on a big job,” Dan recalls. “A prenegotiated rate was set for the job, and those two franchises scaled up their operations and worked together to tackle the removal, destruction, and recycling of the materials. Then they scaled back down and went their separate ways.”

This network flexibility is invaluable, and it’s only improving as more Securis franchise owners set up around the country. It’s why Securis is becoming a national leader in safe, efficient, and effective IT asset destruction.

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