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Posted Oct 1st, 2015

Securis Data Destruction Franchise Meets Financial Industry’s Need for Ironclad Security

From storage to disposal, banks and financial institutions have specific IT data destruction needs that require a seasoned, trusted partner

Every Securis franchise owner works closely with the banks, lenders and other financial institutions in his or her market. Why? Because when it comes to safe, secure IT data destruction, those entities value a trusted partner with a long track record of success.

Ongoing safety and security training means that Securis team members operate in a facility that’s practically impenetrable.
Ongoing safety and security training means that Securis team members operate in a facility that’s practically impenetrable.

“These customers are very appreciative of the data security we offer,” says Jeremy Farber, our President, CEO, and Director. “This includes traditional banks with many locations, because each location has to maintain its own sensitive data but also be part of a network, as well as other financial providers who have a lot of sensitive consumer information and by law have to track how it’s kept, and how it’s disposed of when they contract for IT data destruction.”

Data breaches make the news all the time, and while hackers focus on retail stores, other holders of data can’t help but get nervous, Jeremy adds.

“Banks have credit card information, account numbers, Social Security numbers … a lot of very, very sensitive material, and they are rightly afraid of a data breach,” Jeremy says. “That’s why they are very pleased to see Securis continue expanding around the country, because they like us close at hand no matter where they are.”

Local, regional services benefit banks

Securis’ expansion does help banks in many ways. A national bank will have many locations in an urban area, for example, but it also has rural branches and regional call and service centers. When it needs IT data destruction at any or all of them, Securis is a phone call or email away.

“When they call us and say, ‘Can you pick up PCs at 50 branches?’ we can say yes,” Jeremy says. “They can’t get that response from our competition. We can bring together multiple Securis franchise owners on a massive job, for example, so that the client’s needs are met. Nobody else can offer that kind of network response and support.”

Certifications, tracking are key differentiators

What’s more, Securis has multiple certifications of compliance, including the PCI Data Security Standard and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, or FACTA, that financial providers require.

“If a bank is publicly traded, they need those. They also need certification for the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002,” Jeremy says. “We have all that and many more. It’s not just a matter of us reassuring these customers that we can do the work safely; we can prove it because we’re held to the highest and most stringent certification standards.”

In other words, Securis can pick up devices at a single location or sweep through an entire region. Then the client receives tracking information so they can follow every step of the process through recycling and destruction, and after that receive the certificates of compliance needed for any governmental audit. And because Securis has a large and growing network, the price is right.

“They want that closed-loop chain of custody,” Jeremy says. “They want one vendor to take everything, and they want someone close by so they don’t have to pay exorbitant shipping costs to send things across the country to a processing site. Banks don’t want to deal in transportation and logistics; they want a single source to solve this problem for them. That’s why the larger Securis gets in terms of franchise locations, the more valuable we become to banks and other national accounts.”

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