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Posted Sep 14th, 2015

Proprietary Truck, Tracking Systems Save Securis Franchise Owners Money

Branded equipment is common in the franchise world, but systems that add value and save costs to franchise operations are rare

Jeremy Farber has a simple message for Securis IT data destruction franchise owners: Learn from our mistakes.

“In 15 years, we’ve made our share of mistakes,” says Jeremy, who is President, CEO, and Director of Securis. “These owners are buying those mistakes to a degree, because they’re buying the lessons we learned and the processes we put in place to operate a better business.”

Two prime examples are the Securis shredder trucks and the proprietary tracking system franchise owners use to tag and follow equipment from pickup through disposal at the Securis processing facility.


A refined process on wheels

“We work very hard to reduce the risk our franchise owners take,” Jeremy says. “Trucks are very expensive, but with that truck comes a very refined process, and that refinement never really stops. We are always looking not just at make and model, but the equipment that’s on the truck, to see how we can provide a better, more efficient rolling operation for IT asset destruction.”

The same goes for the asset tracking, which is much more than just slapping a bar-code label on the side of a PC and then getting it to the processing facility.

“We allow our customers to follow their materials, which gives them a better sense of security and reduces that anxiety level,” Jeremy says. “This is good for our franchise owners, because they have that peace of mind to use as a selling point. Our tracking system is another example of how we create efficiency, and that efficiency creates profits. But it’s also good for our overall business because it’s a solid system that prevents things from going missing, and so helps with customer satisfaction on a very basic level.”

Tested systems provide advantage

These systems, along with Securis’ many advances, give franchise owners a serious leg up on their competition.

“You’re getting and tapping into a history that other businesses in the sector don’t have,” Jeremy says. “They don’t have the minds we do looking at every nook and cranny of how we do our business, and thinking about how to improve it every day. They don’t have people dedicated to going from good to great. Everything we do is designed to let our franchise owners do more, and spend less to invest, so they are able to maximize their bottom line in two different ways.”

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