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Posted Jul 15th, 2015

More Securis Franchises Mean More Earning Power for Everyone

Recycled equipment and bulk materials fetch higher prices in larger volumes, so more franchises adding to the stream means more revenue

The phrase “bulking up” has a very different meaning in the IT data destruction industry, where recycling of materials provides a major revenue stream. The more equipment, or shredded components, the better for Securis franchise owners. Why? Because that commands higher prices from downstream vendors who buy in bulk.

“The recycling business is driven by quantity, and where in most industries more would mean a reduction in price, here it’s the opposite,” says Dan Mattock, Director of Franchise Sales and Marketing. “The more you have, the better. That’s because the recycling industry is very capital-intensive — processing is very expensive, and so these people like a very predictable stream. It’s like an auto manufacturer in a sense, where if they build and open a very expensive plant, they want to make sure they have the materials coming in to build 100,000 cars a year.”

Those recyclers are always on the lookout for partners to help them maximize their investment. That’s where Securis franchise owners, and their dedicated IT destruction processes, come in.

Single, multiple source resource streams

A Securis franchise owner can provide plenty of material to recyclers, but also add his or her collections to those of other locations. Combined, when all these go through the Securis processing facility, it results in tons of material.

securis it data destruction“What we have is a system where we can collectively bring more value to our franchise owners, and we do it in two ways,” Dan says. “On the back end, the more material we have, the higher price per pound we get, which means more revenue for the franchises, either from resale or recycling.”

Location, location, location

And on the front end, the more Securis franchise locations there are, the more opportunities exist to bring in more clients — which feeds that back-end equation. It’s a scenario in which Securis continues to feed on its own success and grow in a sensible, organic way that benefits every franchise owner.

Customers like a vendor that’s in their community,” Dan explains. “If you’re coming in from far away, they worry about the security of the assets they’re turning over for destruction. If they know we’re not far away, they’re much more likely to call us. And so the more locations we have, the more we’re able to leverage both sides of that revenue-stream situation.”

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